Red Hat Training & Certifications

FOSTERing Linux is an authorised coaching and examination centre for various Red Hat training programmes and certifications.

Why Do I Need A Certification?

Today, information technology plays an increasingly key role in almost all business. This translates into a growing demand for highly-skilled employees around the globe. While on the one hand, organisations need to be assured that the employee, or the people they hire, can handle real-time pressure scenarios, the employee (or prospective employee) needs to prove to the organisation that he or she has the necessary credentials to deal with every-day work situations.

Certifications help validate the above mentioned essential credentials, besides:

  • being a differentiating factor when applying for a job
  • usually translating into better career prospects
  • almost always leading to increase in salaries
  • validating vendors’ credibility and credentials

Which brings us to the question below.

Why Red Hat Certifications?

Red Hat performance-based training programmes provide hands-on, real-world skills that IT professionals require to design, execute, and maintain successful Open Source Software-based IT infrastructures. These also are some of the reasons why in 2009, Red Hat Training was selected as the No. 1 vendor in all of IT training by IDC.

Our software solutions and services arm, Keen & Able‘s background allows us to know exactly what the industry needs in an engineer/developer/administrator. While a Red Hat Certification provides an individual with the much-needed credentials to get a high-paying job; it is our specific inputs that enable him to meet the challenges of the Open Source world head-on.

Certification Paths

The various Red Hat certification courses provided at FOSTERing Linux are:

Earned by passing upper-level performance-based exams in specialised areas of system administration, the Red Hat Certificates of Expertise are multiple domain-specific training modules:

A combination of the different Certificates of Expertise will earn you the following titles:

Choosing the right certification depends on your background, job role and goals. Whether you have advanced or minimal experience, Red Hat training programmes enable you to develop the hands-on, real-world skills you will need for the job and the certification exams.

Apart from the above Red Hat Enterprise Linux related training programmes and certifications, we also conduct one of Red Hat’s JBoss training programmes — JBoss Application Administrator.