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About FL

Born out of a necessity, FL started in 2006. Our parent, Open Source IT Consulting company, Keen and Able (KNA), had a consistent need to find relevant people. Paucity of right personnel was impacting business. We realised that most of the schools and colleges are unable to instil the skills, depth, initiative and application required by people in their careers. We were confident that since we knew what customers needed, we would be able to impart practicality to the learning process and prepare people who are ready to work in the real world out there...

FL has always been about people. WE do not claim that we can 'train' people well. What we try to achieve is provide an all rounded learning environment to joinees to help them think, think openly. We have realised that our education system does not promote querying. We try to instil a knack of asking questions in our pupil. We firmly believe that once we get into the habit of asking the right questions, we can find all the relevant answers. 

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Teaching Paradigm


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We Nurture a Dream

Gurukul Way of Learning

We are not there yet.

But we will be - one day. We strongly believe in the traditional Indian way of learning - Gurukul based. We have tried to imbibe some of that in a limited manner in the past few years but we wish to - in times to come start a full-fledged gurukul where students will come to study not only technology but to become better human beings. A place where learning will start with unlearning. A place where students will not be afraid to ask questions. Any ideas or suggestions in that direction are welcome

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