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Learning Programs

FL offers a veriety of learning programs to suit all requirements in Open Source 


Red Hat Training

Among the most active Red Hat training services partners, we are one of the few providing coverage for complete Red Hat portfolio spanning infra, Cloud, Containers, Storage and Middleware.

We provide extensive and comprehensive training in all the modes offered by Red Hat - in person and remote. We even provide customised deliveries based on Red Hat curriculum to those who need extra. Our world class faculty has been involved in creating Red Hat course content as well. We have been delivering Red Hat trainings across the world for many years now.

FL on Red Hat site

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EDB Postgres Training

We are partners to EDB offering DB training across EDB Postgres portfolio.

FL has partnered with EnterpriseDB to provide comprehensive Postgres administration training in the classroom. With training courses designed for database professionals who are responsible for administration and maintenance of Postgres, you will enhance your proficiency and gain the skills one need to be successful.


We deliver Postgres training that is critical to users of Postgres, with foundational and advanced level classes that are a fit for those getting started and for those with more experience.  Instructor-led training, combined with multiple demos and lab exercises, give you the experience you need for maximum learning.

KNA on EDB site

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Internship Program

For freshers, right out of college, we offer an internship based learning program where we take the candidates through a well paced out program to slowly bring them up to speed to start performing in the real world.


Our internship program is a rigorous program that includes soft-skills as well as on the job experience to churn own associates who are much more adept at handling real world pressures.

We try to bridge the gap between what a normal institute produces every year and what the industry demands. And believe us, there is quite some gap to be filled in there!

On the basis of the person's aptitude and inherent strengths, s/he is groomed towards the relevant technology stream and incorporated into paid positions on projects with our customers


Customised Programs


The fun of working in Open Source! We can work with you to create a custom program for you and your friends/colleagues covering specific areas in Open Source world.

These could be customising existing courses or, may be, even creating new ones as per your need. These can be only classroom based - in person or virtual or include hands on labs and project based learning whatever is comfortable for you.

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Corporate Open Source Hiring


As we did for our own Consulting arm many years ago, we can help you build your Open Source expert team. We can help source people, take them through our classroom and on-job programs to be project ready from the first day they join your company.


We understand the difficulties corporate face in getting the right people for their Open Source needs. Using our experience gathered over the years, to create the hone the right skills in our people, we help you get better personnel for your requirements. 


This is an all encompassing program where we take the entrants in at entry to a couple of years' experience levels and impart them industry skills - technical and soft and make them ready to be hired by the industry leaders.  

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