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Born out of a necessity, FL started in 2006. Our parent, Open Source IT Consulting company, Keen and Able (KNA), had a consistent need to find relevant people. Paucity of right personnel was impacting business. We realised that most of the schools and colleges are unable to instil the skills, depth, initiative and application required by people in their careers. We were confident that since we knew what customers needed, we would be able to impart practicality to the learning process and prepare people who are ready to work in the real world out there...

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Among the most active Red Hat training services partners, we are one of the few providing coverage for complete Red Hat portfolio spanning infra, Cloud, Containers, Storage and Middleware...

Partners to EDB offering DB training across EDB Postgres portfolio...  

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For freshers, right out of college, we offer an internship based learning program where we take the candidates through a well paced out program to slowly bring them up to speed to start performing in the real world... 

The fun of working in Open Source! We can work with you to create a custom program for you and your friends/colleagues covering specific areas in Open Source world...  

As we did for our own Consulting arm (KNA) many years ago, we can help you build your Open Source expert team. We can help source people, take them through our classroom and on-job programs to be project ready from the first day they join your company... 

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Testimonials on Google

The training was excellent and the teacher was remarkable. We learned good skills and finally was able to pass the RHCSA certificate exam. Thank you!

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Customised Corporate Training

Get in touch for customised training on Open Source tech for you and your colleagues. We can prepare a course curriculum as per your needs even including hands on sessions with the current Open Source technical problems you face in your organisation. We will assign our technical consultants and architects to sit with your team and help you deliver your project learning alongside!

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B149, Ground Floor, Sector 63, Noida, UP - 201301, India

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